Food as Metaphor

nypl.digitalcollections.b2e3353a-c3d5-1f05-e040-e00a18060630.001.wThink of different foods and drinks. Imagine preparing a dish or think of the steps you take when you eat something. What toppings do you add to your pizza, and how do you eat it? I tend to like Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, and I usually eat the crust first. Bring these details to a poem, but I also want you to transform your food and drink into a metaphor, to say something about an emotion or action that people take. See Naomi Nishab Nye’s The Traveling Onion for an example.


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  1. I wrote a poem along these lines many years ago, though the metaphor centered around the act of cooking more than the food (tortellini) itself.

    How did it go this week?

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