• Elaine Sexton – I’ve been attending weekly workshops with her since September 2014. What a great mentor!
  • Adriana Rambay Fernandez– Recently having earned her MFA in Fiction at Bennington, Adriana is a well-rounded writer who writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  • Maja Lukic – A fellow poet with whom I love to share work. We both work under the guidance of Elaine Sexton.
  • Abigail Lorraine – We both love working science into our poetry (her science is physics, mine is usually biology). She is a visual artist as well, please check out her work.
  • Kevin Singer– brilliant writer who writes supernatural/suspense, but has been known to pen a literary tale or a poem from time to time.
  • Lana Rose– a poet who hosts welcoming open mics (Wordsmithing) in Jersey City.

Reading Series

  • Jersey City Writers – hosts a genre night every other month. Keep an eye out for when they are accepting submissions!
  • Jersey City Slam– competitive yet also supportive, a great place to work on your performance skills.
  • Wordsmithing – another fixture in the Jersey City literary scene. Thanks to Lana Rose for organizing!


  • Jersey City Writers – My literary home in Jersey City. I love these folks!
  • Gia Gelato– wonderful cafe that has hosted the Saturday poetry workshop in the past.
  • Word Bookstore – My local indie bookstore, I recommend the nonfiction book club.