Moments and What Work Is

apple eveThe first prompt this week is inspired by Marie Howe’s poem Part of Eve’s Discussion. Think of a moment that was significant to you, heavy with meaning, with a lot of emotion behind it. Perhaps it was your sister’s wedding, the birth of your son, or a time you failed a math test. Get in touch with that emotion.Then think of other situations where you might feel that same emotion, or perhaps that might heighten that feeling. I want you to start your poem with “It was like the moment when…” and list some of those moments. Try using vivid language that engages the senses. See if you can take your readers to the same emotional place without mentioning what the actual moment was. Then, if you like, give a hint as to what the moment was in the title of the poem.

The second prompt this week is based on Philip Levine’s poem What Work Is. Think about a time you had to work– perhaps it was your first job, or an internship, or maybe some manual labor. What was the effect the work had on you? How did it affect the relationships you had with the people around you? Get to work!


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  1. A very interesting topic this week. So many people think of their work as just something to do and maybe just get out of the way. But for others, it’s a part of the very core of their being.

  2. Work is an unexpected topic for a poem. It will be interesting to see how people use the topic of something relatively mundane and rational, to write something in a form known for being exactly the opposite.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the group and these new prompts. I appreciate all the kindness and advice in last week’s review of my work. It was my first time having my work critiqued, and it was a pleasant experience. Thank you!!

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